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The company

Orion is a ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA 8000 certified company specialised in the outfitting of rescue vehicles and vehicles for health and socio-medical services. The existing production plant covers an area of about 3,000 sqm.

From the beginning, our priority has been to develop solutions based on the ideas and needs of our Customers. We create projects, we research for new technical solutions, we offer a nationwide commercial service and we have specialised technical assistance centres in all Italian regions.

Orion is synonym of quality over time and of a constant research aimed at improving the safety and ease of use of its outfitting.

Our mission

The ambulance is a vehicle used in difficult driving conditions and, at the same time, is a work place. This is why we constantly look for solutions to maintain high performances in terms of functionality and ergonomics, ensuring the highest standards of prevention and protection criteria for both operators and patients.

Share ideas and promote discussion between professionals and operators is clearly a great way to generate a dynamic exchange of revolutionary knowledge, that can redefine the safety of people aboard our rescue vehicles .

Our History

Orion was created in 1997 with the ambitious intent to enter the market of the rescue vehicles, that already had many suppliers, and to became quickly one of the Leading National Companies.

The cutting-edge idea behind the design of the first ambulance was that to offer a safe and highly personalised vehicle, without using metallic profiles. After two years of research, testing and prototyping, the first fully modular fibreglass ambulance was created. We decided to name it "Domino System" inspired by the famous brick game that, following a few and simple rules, enables users to create complex forms.

From the beginning, Orion wished to distinguish itself so Domino System might be recognisable at a glance by all the professionals. For this reason, Orion designed and built the first rear spoiler with upside down flashing lights, and this was the detail that catches the attention of the operators. In 1999, when we opened our head offices in Calenzano, the sentence "the ambulance with the upside-down flashing lights" become commonly used, unequivocally identifying the Domino System vehicles.

Domino exceeded the expectations of many customers, which confirmed over the years their trust towards Orion. The high quality of the components, the rigorous tests of production processes and the high level of customisation, enabled us to meet the customers’ needs, even those of the most meticulous ones.

Today, Orion outfitting are available in vast majority of the vehicles of the major European car manufacturer.

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