Pure Health

Orion Special Vehicles make use of the Pure Health system, which is a real innovation in the field of sanitation. It originates from the need to set up hygienically safe environments that can ensure continuous protection. 

The Pure Health system consists of PVC, resin and fibreglass walls and floors. 

A Titanium Dioxide molecule has been inserted in these materials, which thanks to light treatment is able to eliminate more than 99% of viruses, bacteria and mould present in the environment. Photocatalysis, which is the process at the base of the Pure Health system, is based on the oxidation reaction produced through irradiation of a photocatalyst through fluorescent lamps in a variety of combinations. When done indoors, in the presence of air humidity it produces hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions which are effective against bacteria, fungi and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The Pure Health system is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and works even when humans are present.

Pure Health System

PURE HEALTH is an innovation in the field of sanitation.

A system composed of photocatalytic wall and floor coverings which work around the clock, and in the first 90 minutes of use they eliminate 99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi present in the environment, nullifying any need for human intervention in the sanitising process.

The simple power of fluorescent full-spectrum solar active lights activates the photocatalysis process, enabling the Titanium Dioxide molecule to use its own photocatalytic characteristics of generating ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), which are elements capable of transforming harmful organic substances into harmless inorganic molecules (H20 and CO2).

The product has biocidal features and, in accordance with the regulations and laws that regulate the areas of application, can be considered as a guarantee for final sanitisation.

This system is able to meet all requirements for being an optimal disinfectant:

  • Rapid action and long lasting activity;
  • Biocidal activity;
  • Broad spectrum of efficacy;
  • Not harmful, under the conditions of use, for man and on the material to be treated;
  • Ease of application;
  • Quality and safety;
  • Low-cost management;
  • Good chemical stability;
  • High penetration power;
  • Does not induce resistance.

It also has considerable advantages:


The running of the environment is unlimited and the production cycle is uninterrupted during sanitising.
The full solar spectrum lights have a lower consumption than lights that are normally installed.
The photocatalytic reaction does not consume the catalyst (Titanium Dioxide), therefore the PURE HEALTH module does not need to be replaced.
The system does not require any maintenance.


It has been proven that during the first 90 minutes of use, the PURE HEALTH system can eliminate 99% of microorganisms present in the environment, and traditional systems are ineffective in comparison.


Constant sanitising activity.
Effective not only during sanitisation but it continues to be effective even with the occurence of any outside agent or event that would normally be contaminant.
The light equipment of the PURE HEALTH system contributes to eliminate the bacteria present.

Environmentally friendly:

No polluting materials are dispersed.
There is no need for support machinery.
Titanium Dioxide is approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). It is harmless for humans and is widely used every day as a food additive, in paints, in toothpaste and has a wide range of uses.
The PURE HEALTH surfaces are safe to touch and there is no risk of dust release
. The low power consumption of the lights used contributes to a greater respect for nature.


PURE HEALTH can be used even in the presence of people and food
The full solar spectrum lights increase serotonin and endorphin synthesis with beneficial effects for the human body.


The PURE HEALTH technology is included in the service to our partners and the result is innovative materials that ensure greater durability, adaptability and strength.

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