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Pure Health

Orion Special Vehicles uses the Pure Health system, a real innovation in the field of sanitation. It arises from the need to set up hygienically safe environments ensuring a continuous protection. 

The Pure Health system consists of PVC, resin and fibreglass wall coverings and floors. 

Thanks to the action of a light, the Titanium Dioxide molecule inserted in these materials, can eliminate more than 99% of the viruses, bacteria and moulds that is possible to find in vehicle environment. The photocatalysis, the process underlying the Pure Health system, is based on the oxidation reaction produced through irradiation of a photocatalyst through fluorescent lamps, in a variety of combinations. When this happens indoor, air humidity produces hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions, that are effective against bacteria, fungi and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The Pure Health system is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and works even while people are inside.

Pure Health System

PURE HEALTH is an innovation in the field of sanitation.

A system composed of photocatalytic wall and floor coverings which work around the clock, and in the first 90 minutes of use they eliminate 99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi present in the environment, nullifying any need for human intervention in the sanitising process.

A system made of photocatalytic wall and floor coverings that work non-stop and that, in the first 90 minutes of use, can eliminates 99% of the environmental viruses, bacteria and fungi, not needing human intervention in the sanitising process.

The switching-on of the fluorescent full-spectrum solar active lights activates the photocatalysis process, enabling the Titanium Dioxide molecule to use its own photocatalytic feature of generation of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), that are elements able to transform harmful organic substances into harmless inorganic molecules (H20 and CO2).

The product has biocidal features and, in accordance with the provisions and the laws regulating the fields of application, it can be considered as a guarantee for the final sanitisation.

This system is able to meet all the requirements needed to be an ideal disinfectant:

  • Rapid action and long-lasting activity;
  • Biocidal activity;
  • Broad spectrum action;
  • Not harmful to humans and on the material treated, with respect of the conditions of use;
  • Easy application;
  • Quality and safety;
  • Low-cost management;
  • Good chemical stability;
  • High penetration power;
  • Does not induce resistance.

It also has remarkable advantages:


The environmental performance is not limited and the production cycle is not stopped during sanitising.
The full solar spectrum lights have a lower consumption than standard lights.
The photocatalytic reaction does not wear out the catalyst (Titanium Dioxide), therefore the PURE HEALTH module does not need to be replaced and the system does not require any maintenance.


It has been proven that during the first 90 minutes of use, the PURE HEALTH system can eliminate 99% of the microorganisms present in the environment compared to the traditional systems.


Constant sanitising activity.
Effective, not only during sanitisation but even against contamination occurring during the normal use of the vehicle.
The light equipment of the PURE HEALTH system contributes to the elimination of the bacteria.

Environmentally friendly:

No polluting materials are dispersed.
There is no need for support machinery.
The Titanium Dioxide is approved by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). It is harmless for humans and it is widely used every day as food additive, in paints, in toothpastes and in a wide range of uses.
The PURE HEALTH surfaces are safe to the touch and no dust is released.
The use of energy-saving light bulbs contributes to a better respect of nature.


PURE HEALTH can be used amid people and food.
The full solar spectrum lights increase the synthesis of the serotonin and the endorphin, resulting in beneficial effects for the human body.


The PURE HEALTH technology is included in every fitting produced by our partners and this results in an innovative material, ensuring a greater durability, flexibility and strength.

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